Crashing Sites and Crossing Borders


Well, it's been an interesting week. Our previous post on Fukushima, (remember here), went viral a few hours after being posted. It quickly became the most read Sprinter Life post of all … [Read more...]

Fukushima: At the Very Least, Your Days of Eating Pacific Ocean Fish Are Over


We're writing this post becasue we feel that it is extremely important for everyone to be aware of this crisis, and it's not being sufficiently reported on. In our entire month in the US, we did not … [Read more...]

Los Angeles Love


Whenever we come back to the United States we split our time between Hood River, my old stomping grounds (remember here), and LA, which is where Stevie is from. When I first drove into LA years ago … [Read more...]

Hood River Part #2


Here are some photos our our crazy Hood River week. Sorry that we didn't get photos of everyone. We're experiencing difficulties with our new camera. Our visit was incredible, but far too short. In … [Read more...]

Dear Soleil – Hood River Part #1


A special thanks to Richard Hallman for the amazing photos below. The last time you styled us out like this was back in Peru when Soleil was still in Stevie’s tummy (remember here). This latest round … [Read more...]

Back In America


We're a little behind on the blog I see. This is gonna be a real quick update. Please forgive the lack of good photos. We got a new camera and I have no idea how to use it, and no inclination to read … [Read more...]