Hood River Part #2

Here are some photos our our crazy Hood River week. Sorry that we didn’t get photos of everyone. We’re experiencing difficulties with our new camera.

Our visit was incredible, but far too short. In only one week we tried to see as many friends as possible. We were booked every hour, every day, and we were loving it. The only regret is that we only had one week there. Next year we have to extend our US trip so we can spend more time in each place.

Below, Stevie connects with our good friend Sarah Bahn. She hosted us for dinner, and I’m pretty sure she is angling for some type of arranged marriage between Sol and one of her little boys. I certainly wouldn’t mind cementing our bond with these people, but I’m gonna wait until I have all the offers on the table. Mail your baby photos and a cover letter to…

Papa Tree
Attn: Soleil Marriage Purposal
Sprinter Van, South America 

Below, Sarah’s husband Ryan holds baby Wyatt, a potential Sol candidate. I’m really thinking we could sell this to a reality TV producer.

The Bahns. An awesome family with awesome kids!

We were hosted the next night at our friend Dave’s house (Dave below on the left. Our new all-star Outdoorplayer, Tyler, on the right).

Dave’s pad on the bluff overlooking the gorge is off the hook. It almost had Stevie longing to settle down. I had to reminder her that we can enjoy views like this any time, in any country. We just have to endure living in a tiny van to do it. A fair trade in my opinion.

Next we closed Outdoorplay and headed over to the Deschutes River with all the employees for a little team retreat. It was RAD!

A special thanks to our friend Tim of River Drifters for hooking us up!

So nice to have the whole team out of the office and having fun together. Outdoorplay peeps, you guys rock!

Below, Soleil taking a nap under camp chairs. I told you, this baby can sleep anywhere.

Outdoorplayer, Kody, AKA the Parkdale Predator, getting it done! A man of many talents… He can inflatable kayak, he can drink, and he’s also pretty good at predicting weather.

It was great to see my Dad and Diane as well. They drove down from Seattle and spent the week with us. It is not easy keeping up with our schedule, and they hit every main event. We love you guys SO much! Thanks for coming down.

Below, Grandma Cheryll enjoys happy hour with Stevie, with Sol passed out on Mommy’s chest. Cheryll hosts us at her house whenever we’re in Hood River. She is amazing. Thank you so much Cheryll for taking such good care of us. We love you!

Kayaking legend Mick Evans talks our buddy Tim into trying his old school bigfoot kayak. Kayaking use to be such a hard mans sport.

Back in Hood River our close friends Maui and Jan hosted a beautiful dinner for us on our last weekend. We don’t feel like we got to spend near enough time with them. Next time!!!

Sol enjoying the party. Jan, our host, sits in the background.

Hanging with my extraordinary friend Peg Lalor.

So good to see Jenn and John Hart, and their adorable little girl Rosie. They’ve officially committed to visiting us in Brazil in 2014. We’re quite exited about that.

Kicking it in really good company with pro extreme kayaker Rush Sturges and adventure sports photographer Richard Hallman. Great bros!

At this event we finally had a chance to meet one of our Sprinter Life friends, Lisa Labon. Great lady.

Our friend Corrin also put on an incredible dinner party for us. She is a doll. Love her!

Dave and Ann, our two old friends from the Pan American Highway show up for this one. (Not that you’re old Dave. I meant the friendship is old. Not you. You’re young.)

It was so great to see these guys, and their new baby Wynne.

Soleil and Wynne getting to know each other…

So, that was it. We’re down to the last leg of our trip now. We’ll be in LA for a minute, then we blast back to South America.

I’ll share one more funny photo on the way out of this post.

Soleil is getting to the age where she learns something new each day. It’s pretty amazing. But by far the coolest thing I’ve taught her is how to growl at boys.

This is a skill we will continue to practice until she is around 35 years old. It’s pretty funny if you get a chance to see it. She shakes her head, opens her mouth showing two tiny teeth, and screems…


Watch out boys. This one’s gonna be a firecracker.





  1. Ding Ding – What is better than family and friends…..

  2. Sol doesn’t have a choice – its Finn or Wyatt! No letters are being accepted! MISS YOU GUYS!!!!

  3. Great Aunt Debby and Great Uncle Barry says:

    The last two photos = THE LION AND THE LAMB. first she will sweet talk em and them she will Growl…WATCH OUT FOR MY DADDY!

  4. So grateful you are my friend. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

    she is calling for auntie AR!

  6. Jim Snyder says:

    Yeah- she’ll need a force field b/c she was definitely born with a tractor beam!

  7. it’s about time girls are taught an appropriate response when approached by boys

  8. Cat Severson says:

    Haha utterly adorable

  9. Richard Hallman says:

    How’s she gonna have a chance to growl at boys in the middle of the Ocean???

  10. David Curran says:

    Like the Devo shirt

  11. TREE, if you add a “G” to the end of “AHHHRRRRRRRRRRRRRR”, Sol could qualify as a Pirate ! Then she’ld be one notch closer for the your “Ship at Sea” venture. LOL

  12. Erin Randall Anthony says:

    You keep that training up young lady! There were grown men sniffing around my daughter when she was only twelve!

  13. Katherine Pearce says:

    Oh my god, that is just an amazing picture.

  14. Dodie Williams says:

    As if will do any good when she is around 15. LOL

  15. Cathy Hearn says:

    Love it! All little grrrrls should cultivate their growl.

  16. Great pics!
    I’m so glad I was able to spend some time and meet Sol. You guys are awesome and deserve all that life has afforded you. Nothing beats family and friends and you guys have many of both.
    I will keep the silver coming on Sol’s b-days.
    Much Love and be safe,
    .P.S love the growl!!!

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