Aloha Mendoza

After our long and arduous trip back from the States to Santiago, Chile, we still had to drive back across the Andes mountains to Mendoza, Argentina.

When we finally arrived, we checked into our favorite backpackers hostel, The Banana, and began the process of recovery. The last 6 weeks were really hard on everyone. It was burly, non-stop travel and it wore us down. Even Sol hit the wall.

We slowly bounced back, and before long Sol was back in action. My daughter is growing up living in a van and in backpacker hostels, and I think it’s f’in brilliant! I can’t wait to see who this young lady becomes in life.

Below, Soleil gets passed around between Argentinian travelers at a hostel BBQ party.

Soleil, living the hostel life…

Our first order of business after resting up was to get some money changed on the black market. The official exchange rate here in Argentina is pretty crappy, but by changing on the black market you essentially make everything in the country 40% off.

It’s a little scary that everyone in this country is trying to move out of their own currency, but the value is too much to pass up, given that we plan to be here for a while.

Our next order of business was to find an apartment. Yep, that’s right, we’re moving in!

Ha! It’s only temporary though. We’ve been feeling a little road worn. We’ve been on the road non-stop, living in the van and hostels, since Sol was just 2 months old. We’re ready for a little break.

Our plan is to rent an apartment and hang here in Mendoza until January 1, then down to Patagonia for the climbing season.

Finding an apartment proved MUCH harder than we thought. Most everything in this town is a 1-2 week vacation rental or a 1-2 year lease.  We struggled along looking at dead end places.

We also have a lot of moving parts in Sprinter Life, so that made it even harder. The place has to have smokin internet. We need parking for a 100 foot tall van. We only want it for 4 months. We need it to be near the center so Stevie can walk around town. Oh, and we have a dog.  🙂

The search goes on. We’re hoping to move into something soon.

In the meantime, we’re kicking it at the Banana Hostel. We’ve hired one of the young girls staying here to watch Sol for a couple hours a day, which gives Stevie a nice break.

Below, Ari and Sol hang out…

Ari helping Sol learn to walk…

While we wait for an apartment, we’ve also been getting to know Mendoza. I found the climbing gym and started training. The gym is pretty small and hard to really train in, but my primary goal is to tap into the scene and find some good partners.

We’ve also been going out to enjoy exactly what we came here to enjoy, wine and beef!

So far we have not been disappointed! It’s very, very easy to fall in love with Mendoza.

That’s the update for now!





  1. Ding dittily Ding….

    APARTMENT???!!!! Kids are making you soft.

  2. Corbin Crimmins says:

    Looks like a lot of Awesome! Just a little tip about training to walk, try to hold her hands lower for a more natural stance… As soon as I figured that out, Nick was off and running! Cheers!

  3. Donna Clary says:

    Looks like a great place to R & R. You deserve it. Re-group and revitalize.

  4. Fernando Rivero says:

    Me encanta Mendoza! Saludos

  5. Awesome pic with your daughter tree…absolutely perfect

  6. Awesome. I love it!
    Miss you already Stevie! make sure you email the pics you took of us! Good luck finding an apt! XO

  7. Patrick O'Keeffe says:

    love mendoza want to go back for the wine festal there early may ! the Gouchos are some of the best riders I have ever seen

  8. todavia me acuerdo de nuestras combersaciones sobre el hijo que querian tener,ahora es una linda realidad,muchos besos y abrazos para vos mi amigo

  9. Good plan guys. We know the value of a couple of months in a rental. Really rejuvenates you. Hope you find a place soon. Enjoy.

  10. Hey Tree and Stevie!
    It is pretty incredible that you are still living the dream… and as a family unit now. Congratulations! I remember y’all being pregnant while I was in Peru. I am glad that all is well and that you are not slowing down.
    I am now in Burkina Faso, West Africa working with a relief organization that is partnered with the UNHCR doing refugee camp management, community services, and food distribution, aiding the Malian refugee population here. It is pretty incredible and really engaging work. The Sahel is a magical place. I think that I will be here for a while. My girlfriend is coming out in two months… so we are making a commitment to stay here for a while.
    I hope that your apartment adventure goes well and that you settle in great there.

  11. Tree – good to here you guys are getting back into your groove
    would you mind sharing what the exchange rate is to the dollar?

    • Hey Jim,

      The official exchange rate is around 5.4 pesos to the dollar. On the black market, it fluctuates between 6-10. We just traded at 9.05

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