Agua – A simple request

There is something truly magical about the first time your child looks at you, and with language as clear as day, asks for something.

That happened to me for the first time tonight. Soleil was chomping down her dinner when all of a sudden she stopped, pointed at her sippy-cup and said…

“DaDa, Agua”


Up until this moment it’s all been mumbo-bumbo. Sure, she can say words, like Kiki for example. But sometimes she is pointing at Kiki, and sometimes she is pointing at a passing car.

Tonight I saw her clearly think about what she wanted, and ask for it using the correct language.

AMAZING! Having a child truly is a life changing experience. Just watching them explore the world adds so much excitement to life.

Even toilets are fun.



We are now over half way through our stay in Mendoza. In less than 2 months we’ll be back on the road, living out of the van. No more nice apartment… <sigh>


In Sol’s world, one of the biggest losses will be the bathtub.


We’re enjoying the time while it lasts though. In a couple more days my Mom will show up for our last 6 weeks in Mendoza.

Everyone is really looking forward to her arriving. She’ll be our last visitor.




Overall we’ve really fallen in love with Mendoza. Great town. And we’ve made some good friends here. I imagine we’ll be a little sad to leave.

Below, grillin with our pals, Ryan and Tiffany.



In the meantime, we’re still bustin out our family climbing days. Sol is now sourcing her own boulder projects and sending them on command.

DSC02562 DSC02576 DSC02578 DSC02583

And my other lady is also killing it! Below, Stevie roping up and ready to crush…


DSC02622 DSC02628 DSC02649 DSC02651

DSC02657 IMG_2599

I’ll leave you with some pictures from Arenales last week.

This is my dream place. High in the mountains. Big walls. Beautiful. Peaceful. No internet.


DSC02460 DSC02467


DSC02471 DSC02512 DSC02528 DSC02535 DSC02537 DSC02540 DSC02544




  1. Great Aunt Debby and Great Uncle Barry says:

    I love the photo of Sol pointing up, I can hear her saying…TODAY THIS ROCK DOWN HERE…TOMORROW I WILL BE UP THERE WITH MOM AND DAD!

  2. New discoveries and learning for the whole tribe – AWESOME.

  3. Greg Lavespere says:

    Amen Brother!!!! I love those moments!

  4. Beautiful…Mendoza and the apt life! Sol is most amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Awesome!

  6. Beautiful photos! That Soleil is so very smart, and strong, and brave! Speaking of strong and brave (not to mention smart), look at Stevie rockin the rock! Amazing! What a life you have! I miss you. Love you much. c

  7. FInally photos of Stevie rock climbing!!!! Tree you have two budding climbers on your hands- good luck!

  8. Helloooooo my favorite family!
    More posts, ahem! I need my fix of the *real* real world! 🙂
    Anyway I hope yall are well. Trying to hold up my end to stay in touch via the blog , since no FB.
    Freezing (haha!) in LA and even raindrops lately. So fun!
    Best, –lizD

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