blah blah blah


blah blah blah.

DSC02830 DSC02846



blah blah, lotty da, lotty da

DSC02716 DSC02725

DSC02777 DSC02783


DSC02735 DSC02736 DSC02744 DSC02756


blah blah blah blah… blah.






  1. hahahahaa love the blah blah blah..hey got an almost naked pic of stevie though woohooooo!! 🙂

  2. Yada, yada, yada.

  3. Donna Clary says:

    Thanks for sharing all your adventures, intimate shots…the one of Sol sleeping is mystical!

  4. Best writing yet!

  5. Olla,
    BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! makes perfect sense . Seems like Mendoza and the everyday changes and the blessings your lifestyle has afforded you to spend your days growing and changing together with your pure, wide eyed and wild, beautiful daughter.Then you express the cool factor of the people in your “village” and on in Jan. you will be climbing some of the best granite faced peaks of a mountain range that most people might only see in pictures, with one of your best friends who will bring out your best climbing skills as well as you for him.
    Pictures do not really need captions when one knows the story!! BLAH! BLAH! works for me, GREAT POST.

  6. Woww …. Sol has grown. Last I saw her in Mom’s arms in Coroico, Bolivia early May (just a little over 6 months ago)

  7. Your little girl looks so amazing

  8. Tanta Alsy says:

    Love the pics of Sol! The rock looks sick!


  9. Great pics! Not that I didn’t love your eloquent writing, but can Stevie please write something soon? I reaaaalllllyyyy enjoy your writing, Stevie. It has uplifted me countless times.

    • Thank you, Anonymous. You’ve inspired me! I’ll start working on a small idea I had the other day. Give me a week to get it out. I hope to hear from you again. xo.

  10. Joe Galea says:

    Hey, Sol is getting even more amazing. Now rock climber. I love it.


  11. Hola!
    Hee love this post. I’d like to communicate this way. Blah blah pic pic yayyyyy fam blah blah see pix.
    Hope y’all are super!

  12. @Anonymous. FYI: Stevie has never experienced a “small idea.”

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