October & Halloween

Time is going by entirely TOO FAST!

It seems like just yesterday we were posted up in Lima, Peru celebrating Soleil’s first Halloween. Yes, we dressed little Soleil Trujillo up as my favorite beer, and she loved it.

Halloween, 2012


This year we had about the same level of success with Halloween. Soleil dressed up as Roller-Girl.

Everyone keeps telling me that Halloween gets better when they get a little older. I hope so. I’m beginning to think Halloween is a stupid sport.

Halloween, 2013




So October is over. Looking back, it was a pretty good month. We spent a lot of time rock climbing and Sol is getting really stoked on it. We decided to hold off on the rope climbing until she can walk, so now we’re way into bouldering, which is a laser-focused sub-niche of the sport.

Below, Sol sending one of her first boulder projects, rated Infant V2.


Different day, sending a harder project. Both were first ascents.

This one rated Infant V-5 A1.

DSC02263 DSC02267 DSC02270 DSC02271 DSC02273

Yeah, if you can’t tell, I’m pretty fired up to be climbing with my little girl.

It’s also been great having my brother in town over the last few weeks. He’s been keen to help me train for Patagonia, so we’ve been climbing a ton! He’s the perfect training partner for me.

Below, climbing out of the Canyon at La Frazada, just north of Patagonia.


We also discovered one of the best climbing areas in this part of the world, Arenales!

Below, the dirt road entrance to Arenales. You can see the Andes rising up in the background.


With 600 foot alpine granite walls located at over 10,000 feet, all of which require an uphill march to access, this is the PERFECT training ground to get fit as a fiddle.

DSC02303 DSC02310 DSC02313


I haven’t done this type of climbing in well over 6 years, (since before my accident), so I wasn’t really sure what to expect.


Luckly it’s like riding a bike. Everything came right back.


The climbing is heady and a bit run out, but on perfect pink granite! Home sweet home.

DSC02355 DSC02357


Unfortunately, the time has come for my brother to leave. I’m not sure where that 5 weeks went, but it FLEW by. Now we won’t see him again for another 6 months.

The hardest part of Sprinter Life is being away from our family.



Stevie and I are so happy that he had a chance to bond with Soleil though. They became good pals.

She is going to miss her Uncle Adam.



That’s the update from the land of vines, Mendoza, Argentina.








  1. Bla bla rock climbing more Sol pics! ūüėõ BE safe while climbing!! NO ER in 2014 mmmmmk?!

  2. I love the roller girl costume! Very clever.

  3. Freida Whiddon Cox says:

    she looks like she is much happier outside rock climbing..those silly things..she didn’t like them did she..precious baby girl…blessed to have you as her guardians…lol

  4. That roller derby outfit is just too groovy for words.
    Climb on little Miss Soleil!!
    Thanks for bringing me a smile today!



  5. You need to change that to a1 to d1.. for daddy.. lol

  6. Julie Williams says:

    OMG the picture of Sol looking at Uncle Adam is beyond precious! Makes me want to shout to you guys, “MOVE HOME!” There’s no one more special than family. Ok, enough sappy stuff.
    Cheers and I love you guys!

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