Dear Soleil – Happy New Year 2014


Dear Soleil, I have to say that your first full year on planet earth was one action packed adventure after another! Your mother and I had a blast showing you around South America. Here is a recap of … [Read more...]

Be an Ocean Guardian in 2014

Please help us take positive action and share this post with the social media buttons above. Together we CAN make a difference.   In the past few years, Tree and I have made an effort to educate … [Read more...]

The Countdown Begins….

Wine Tour with Barrels

Three months ago, when we moved into our apartment in Mendoza, we said that we basically had until my birthday before the countdown began for us to get on the road again. Well, we just celebrated … [Read more...]

An Essay on Number Two


Soleil is walking and talking. It's crazy, my baby isn't a baby any more. All of a sudden, she's a toddler. She says much more than we can understand (stupid grown-ups!) but, thus far, aside from our … [Read more...]