Short Update: Fun in the park…

Well, we haven’t moved very far in the last week.

Last week Soleil started getting real fussy. We thought she might just be getting sick, but it took a turn for the worse later in the week when she started screaming every time she went pee. After a couple visits to the local hospital in El Bolson, we confirmed that Soleil had a bladder infection (Stevie had already called it).

It was a heartbreaking couple days until the medicine kicked in. Nothing breaks you up like when your baby is hurting.


After we knew she had turned the corner, we left El Bolson and relocated a few hours south to Esquel, right on the border of Chile. Our goal is to get across to the Futaleufu river, but now we’re stuck here waiting on a special stamp from the department of agriculture so we can get Kiki across the border.

Sometimes it feels like life on the road is one noodle after another.


We’re posted up in a residential hotel right on the plaza. This is great news for Sol. She’s recently discovered parks, and that has been a total game changer. Now every time she sees one, she screams and flaps her arms, which obligates us to stop.

Her favorite is the swing, and she likes it high. If you’re not pushing high enough, she’ll growl at you. She learned this from an iPad game that teaches animal sounds. Her go-to sound is the oso (bear), and she’s not afraid to use it.


Her climbing days have been paying off on the playground. She routinely stomps obstacles that kids much older than her struggle up. This makes Daddy proud.  🙂


In addition to the swings, Sol also LOVES the slide.


This morning she caught a glimpse of the big kids going down the big kid slide. She made her intention clear by parking herself at the base and growling at me. 


She wasn’t able to climb to the top of this one, so I carried her up. She sat between my legs and got very quiet and serious. A couple times I asked her if she was ready and in a little squeak she said, “no.” She just looked around.

DSC04670 DSC04681

Finally, I launched us down the slide, and she screamed the whole way. I set her down, and she immediately ran back to the ladder. We then repeated this 22 times. In the end, I called it quits. Not her.


Hopefully,` we’ll have our paperwork for Kiki tomorrow, and then we’ll cross the border into Chile. Can’t wait to see this river!


DSC04717 (1)



  1. Auntie Alex says:

    Poor Sol! 🙁 she’s getting more and more fun!

  2. So glad your beautiful little Sol is feeling better. Loved the slide story!

  3. Awww! She is getting so big! Great job teaching her “no fear,” Dad!

  4. Uncle Dragon says:

    That little girl is going to be nothing but a handful of fun and trouble. I’m glad that she is back in the game,
    Love you guys,

  5. Tree, I love this post! Sol has Papa’s spirit.
    Here’s a family story: One day when Johnny was about 18 months I left him at the park with Papa to get some grocery shopping done. Do you remember that park with the big train by his house? Anyway…when I came back I found Papa at the bottom of the big huge slide and Johnny getting ready to slide down from the top. I held my breath and when Johnny finally made it down I had a heart attack. Papa just looked up at me like “What? You think I don’t know what I am doing?” using his Italian charm and those big brown eyes of his. Of course Johnny was up and running to climb to the top again without even a blink and Papa resumed his pose at the bottom of the slide… Both of them ignoring my tantrum and just going on with their fun.
    Miss you all so much
    Auntie Candy

  6. Tanta Alsy says:

    Love the story! Thanks for updates…


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