Short Update: Futaleufu

One piece of big news this week. My amazing wife was published in the latest issue of Adbusters Magazine. This is bad ass on many levels. It’s only a matter of time before this girl’s writing career blows up, and then I’m gonna be riding those coattails. You heard it here first.

Pick up an issue. Or, read the uncut, amazing piece on Sprinter Life…

Happy Birthday Soleil – We Did It For The Wild – CLICK HERE


Not much else to report here over the last week. Just some photos.

We spent most of the last week in Chile at the Futaleufu.


We camped out of the van most of the week, and it was a good hang–that is, until the internet died. Unfortunately, that drove us away sooner than we would have liked.

Our one non-negotiable necessity is internet connectivity. Without it I can’t work on Without work… there is no more Sprinter Life.


We did have a blast while we were there though. We hung out with good friends and partied damn hard. My liver is in recovery.


Below, our Futaleufu crew, from left to right: Gustavo, us, Greg, Marcia, Doug, and Brian. Top shelf, all the way across.


While we were at the Fu, Soleil finally got her first exposure to kayaking. It’s been a long time coming.


As the director of Sol’s physical education program, there are 3 things in which I intend to make sure she is fully competent:

1) Rock Climbing
2) Surfing
3) Whitewater Kayaking

With proficiency in these 3 activities, you can pretty much travel to anywhere in the world and do something RAD, or as Stevie likes to call it, “have fun”.

Anyway, while at the Fu I busted out her new Packlite boat. This was a gift from our friend who owns the company, Advanced Elements. They make really good inflatable boats. Check them out here. Sol was pretty stoked!


She couldn’t wait to show her new ride to all her Futa friends. They had quite a good time playing in the boat.


Taking her out on the water for the first time was awesome. She was so excited. This was an opportunity for me to teach her a new word in English, and she almost has it. It doesn’t quite sound like “kayak” when she says it…. it’s more like “Caaa-caaak”

Bottom line… she really loves it.



We’ll rock this inflatable kayak for the next couple of years, and then we’ll hit up my old friend Eric Jackson of Jackson Kayaks for sponsorship and a kid’s hardshell boat. She’ll be ready to run the whitewater by then.



Anyway, we’re back in Argentina now and plan to stay here for a while. We’re tired of jumping borders.

We’re posted up in Esquel at a sweet little cabana that we rented. There’s smoking internet and a little playmate for Sol who lives next door… perfect hang.

DSC04866 DSC04888

We’re probably gonna get into some rock climbing this coming week. We’re a stone’s throw away from one of the most famous sport climbing areas in South America, Piedra Parada. Game on.

That’s it for now…






  1. Anonymous says:

    So beautiful, all of you!

  2. What a beautiful day of boating! Love the underwater pick shooting up! Wowza!

  3. cheryll says:

    AWESOME STEVIE!!! I’m proud of you! 🙂
    Great photos, too.

  4. nonituyas says:

    Seeing Sol sleeping in the kayak reminded me of when she was first born in Lima, and she slept in the doggie bed those first few months. If she’s getting too big for co-sleeping it looks like that kayak works well!

  5. Aunt Debby and Uncle Barry says:

    Great photos from underwater. Sol is going to be a total water lover like her parents. Nice to see the boat doubles as a great bed. Miss you all!

  6. Ding! Ding! Willy called it (read my original reply) yeeeaah!!
    Keep Spreading spirit on paper love it as does the world!!

  7. Smith Rock Volcanic Tuff. Heck you will feel right at home.

  8. Nonituyas says:

    Missing my little one . . . Stevie, she will read your words someday and realize the great love you two have for her, your passion to live free lives . . .

  9. Drew Coe says:

    Hello from far Northern California. As an Outdoorplay customer for more than a decade, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that we are indirectly related to you guys. My wife is cousins with Phil Schafer, and we just spent a family reunion camping with Phil, Alexis and Abigail on the Central California coast.

    My wife and I quit our jobs back in 1999 and spent 3 months bumming around Ecuador and Peru, including some time spent paddling in the Tena area. You guys are doing it in style!

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