Dear Soleil – You pack a mean punch

Dear Soleil,

You’re 1 year and 5 months old right now and, to be honest, I believe you’ve reached your terrible twos a bit early.

Yes, you’re still my sweet little angel, but some of your behavior has been pretty suspect lately. You’ve developed quite an appetite for hitting people. I’ve traced this behavior back to El Bolson when your mother sent you into a band of gypsy children to play. The smallest girl, about your size, walked right up and smacked you in the face, a sort of Argentinian initiation I suppose. Ever since then… well,

monkey see, monkey do.

You’ve also become fond of pulling your Mom’s hair, and of chasing Kiki around yelling “SHOOO, SHOOO, SHOOO” while you whack her on the butt.

We’ve tried several different disciplinary methods to break you of these habits. Trying to reason with you is pointless. Your english is as bad as my spanish. I discovered that the most effective action was to put you in “time out.”

But, then, the other day you walked up, smacked me in the face, and then promptly turned around, walked to your time out zone and sat down with a big smile on your face. Bollocks! You are definitely your Mother’s child! A scrapper you are becoming.

Everyone keeps telling us that this is “age appropriate behavior,” so I suppose we’ll just wait it out.

In the mean time,  I’ll just post some pictures that will embarrass you one day when you start dating, and I send this post to your suitor.


Don’t worry little one, Daddy still loves you, even when you greet me with a right hook.


Fun at the park in Esquel…

DSC04903 DSC04910 DSC04914

DSC05446 DSC05449 DSC05450

On a side note, we have found that your behavior is much better when we’re out in the wilderness, and you can run around like a crazy animal. For that reason, we’ll be heading back to Piedra Parada for another week, (remember the last trip here).

(NOTE: Friends and family, we’ll be offline until the 23rd.)


Love Daddy




  1. Ding ding. There is no such thing as terrible twos. it’s terrible 1.5….. and then iIt goes tits up at 4.

  2. Nonituyas says:

    Ummmmmmm . . . what Indra said. 🙂 Hang in there Tree. Apples fall near the Papa Tree . . .YOU were BORN fierce, and whacked your brother and sister regularly during those early years (especially on their birthdays when they got the presents). Yet here you are, sharing your glorious life with a FIERCE little pack of your own, and taking care of everyone. Its no wonder she’s curious, experimental, feisty, and strong-willed – she’s just like both her parents! As her photos attest, she’s happy and loved – she’ll be OK. And so will you.

  3. Brienna Hall-Ricciardi says:

    I changed my thinking on the whole “terrible two’s” thing when a friend corrected me after I said it. He said oh you must mean “terrific two’s”. And it really got me to thinking about that statement and how we are taught to expect the worst from our kids and from such a young age. I quickly change my tune and it was actually a lot less stress full to think of this time frame in a positive light. I feel the same way with how we expect our preteens & teens to be horrid also. Lets change the way we look at our kids and trust that they are the most amazing, incredible and wonderful people on the planet because they are! Here is to the TERRIFIC TWOS!!!!

  4. I have never looked at it the way Brienna just put it…… that’s great food for thought.
    I’ve found it’s more about how I react than how the girls are acting.

  5. Tara Palmer Benoit says:

    Dont feel bad, im right there with ya . My girl is a biter. And when she cant have something she thrown herself down backwords. Since she is my third, i just chuckle and walk away during her tantrums knowing it will soon pass…..and then the next phase:)

  6. Tatitaaa el pasar del tiempo te hace mas y mas linda por dentor y fuera. I love you!!!!!!!

  7. Lilian Mayer says:

    Soleil, te has convertido en la protagonista de la vida nmade de tus papis! Besitos de tu tia de Arequipa.

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