Heading North

After three amazing months exploring Northern Patagonia we’ve done something that feels very odd. For the first time in nearly 4 years, we’ve started driving North!


Originally, when we left the United States, our goal was to drive to the farthest tip of South America, and we gave ourselves one year to do it. Here we are, heading back north all these years later, and we still haven’t made it!


But we will. We were going to give it a try this year, but we got stuck in Northern Patagonia. Honestly, Patagonia is just too big and too rad to pass through in one season. It really takes two, or ten, seasons to get it done. So we have committed to come back next year and hit Southern Patagonia while tagging the tip.


In the meantime, we need a good place to post up for the South American winter that is rapidly approaching. We’ve decided that place will be Brazil. We’re on our way, although via a fairly loopy route.

First, we’ll return to Santiago where we have a flight on April 22nd to head to, of all places, Cozumel, Mexico! My father is hosting a 3 week family vacation, and we made the invite list. We’ve been on this trip twice (remember here), but not for a few years now. We’re super excited to post up behind the walls of a 5 star resort on the premier island of Mexico. It will be a good opportunity to recharge the batteries and see the family.


After we return from Mexico, we’ll drive from Santiago to Buenos Aires (BA) and hang there for 3 weeks. My Mom is flying back to South America to see us, so that’s gonna be really fun. The big city with all my girls. Stevie is adamant about taking tango lessons. We’ll see how that goes.


After BA we’ll work our way into Brazil, where we plan to spend the rest of the year surfing and rock climbing. So, there is the plan in a nut shell. It feels kinda nice to know what we’re doing for the rest of the year… or at least know where we’ll be.


In other news, I’d like to announce that my daughter is a genius.


Yeah, I know, every parent thinks his or her child is gifted. No sooner do we (parents) make this announcement when said genius child turns around and is eating his/her own boogers. But, trust me, I’m backing this up with real data.


We were counting the number of words she can speak at one year five months old. The number is 71 (59 in spanish and 12 in english). These are words that she knows, speaks, and can associate.

According to the Internet, which is always true, a toddler this age is doing average if they have 10 words, is doing well if he or she has 20, and is considered exceptional if the kid has 30+ words.

So, let me just say it again… 71 words = GENIUS.


One the one hand I’m feeling really proud. On the other, I suspect that I’m pretty f#cked. Stevie is already a chatty-cathy. With Soleil coming online at this rate, in another year or so, I’ll be lucky to get a word in edgewise around here.



DSC05934 DSC05961





  1. Ding ding.
    A. Of course all the children in our genius- none have ever picked a boogie. Ever.
    B. mayday on the climbing anything.
    C. Double mayday on the talking a lot.
    D. Pretty much, you’re hooped- but in a good way.

  2. Debby's and Barry says:

    You best keep working on your Spanish because at the rate Soleil is learning she will leave her Papa en el polvo.

  3. Brian Patrick Martin says:

    Soleil is getting SO big…the Sprinter Life story is great TREE!

  4. Carolyn Rose Ward-Schulman says:

    Such a determined expression on her face, total confidence, great!!

  5. Abuelita says:

    SS&T Team continues to provide a piece of heaven.

  6. Veronica Grey says:

    I have a house sitting gig ALL summer in Costa Rica, about 1 hour north of Uvita. Y’all are invited to stay in the 3 bedroom house. It’s my welcome to the planet gift for Soleil.
    Hit me up starting June 7

  7. Laura Maza Bakovic says:

    Let me know if you come to Mendoza! I will love to see you guys again! :))) Besos!!!

  8. Thanks for the update
    Cute and smart what a combo!

  9. Nonituyas says:

    How “chatty” she is will be the least of your challenges Tree! (I am laughing hysterically here.)
    Wait until she starts climbing up walls and onto roofs while you’re not looking . . . (age 2-3)
    Decides she’s Superwoman and tries to fly . . . (all ages)
    Regularly crawls out windows to go “exploring” in the middle of the night, (age 11-12) – and brings home “prizes” . . . well, I’m not even going to go on. YOU know. (Oh YEAH. What goes around comes around. . .)

  10. Excellent Ang! Love your little reminders to your son.


  11. Tree,
    Its no surprise Sol is so intelligent, you guys are great parents with a loving tribe and good stock. I know you are not complaining but being around women exclusively just as being with us only for too long can be a bit much.
    That’s when the little getaways like the one with the Argentine climbers with the wine, honey and bread that take you to what looked like a piece of heaven come in. You guys rock!! Carry -on
    P.S. I will keep the little college fund Birthday trinkets coming every October 12th C/O Outdoor-play.

  12. Hey guys, Really like the black and whites, keep throwing those in the mix. The one where your girls are embracing a boulder is very good photo! Peace.

  13. Hi there,
    My girl is 7 and you can’t hear yourself think from all the talking. :)) So you’ve got a lot to look forward to.

    Have you guys done any tour of the inside of your sprinter? My family is inspired to do this (drive south til we fall off the continent) and we are considering a sprinter. If you haven’t done one, can you videotape the layout and “how things work” in your sprinter for us minds that want to know? If you already have done one, can you point me in the right direction? 🙂

    Have a great vacation in Mexico.

    • Hey Anne,

      We haven’t done a video tour, but we have this page: http://sprinterlife.com/our-home

      If you have any questions that aren’t answered there, please feel free to ask.

      Now that we have a baby who is too quickly becoming a little girl, we’re starting to look into a new adventure vehicle! We’ve got a couple of years before we upgrade, but we’re getting excited!

      Keep in touch. I love hearing from travel-loving families!

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