Soleil – New Country – Mexico

The last few weeks really flew by! Since we had booked flights out of Santiago to head up to Mexico for our family vacation, we’ve been hanging out in the general area killing time.


After Pichilemu, we headed over to Valparaiso for a few days. The van had been making a bad noise so we needed to get to a dealership to check it out. $1000 later, we found and solved the problem. Turns out that the last time we had the breaks done in Peru, the guys didn’t put on the little sensors that tell you when to replace the pads. I had worn right into the disks.

Golden rule in Peru, anytime they fix something, they break something else. I really don’t miss that part about Peru.


Anyway, while I was getting the van sorted, Stevie and Soleil had fun exploring the city.

DSC06633 DSC06647 DSC06661 DSC06670 DSC06694 DSC06698

Stevie fell in love with the place, so I figure we’ll be heading back there soon. I’m sure she’ll do a proper Valpo post at that time.


After Valpo, we headed to Santiago and posted up at Martyn and Katie’s house. They are British expats living in Chile and have become such amazing friends. We love them, (especially Soleil)!


They helped me celebrate my 40th b-day and, for the first time in years, I actually had a hangover. F’in Brits. They sneak up on you and… BAM! It happens that fast.


And, thanks to Tia Katie, Sol got to enjoy her first Easter basket. Her reaction was pretty standard I suppose…

“You mean once a year a giant bunny brings me a basket of chocolate? WTF! SCORE!”



Below, Soleil loving on Uncle Mar-TEENS Moto, vroom vroom


Their house also happens to be right next to one of the best sport climbing areas in Santiago.

While we were up there climbing we ran into our other Euro friend, Flo. And also our friend Kotty from Arica, Chile. We had kicked it with both of them in Cochamo months earlier (remember here).



Below, Soleil taking a dirt nap with her new best friend…


Soleil’s climbing continues to progress and really blows me away. I think she can climb better than she can walk. She’s now sending her boulder problems completely unassisted. She finds the footholds and handholds and everything, and I just spot her. Gonna be time for the rope in another 6 months or so.

DSC06744 DSC06746 DSC06749 DSC06750


It may not look like much, but that’s a slick, trickly little boulder!


Daddy loving his little climbing buddy…

DSC06755 DSC06759

I am, however, finding there are drawbacks to teaching Sol to climb. Mainly that she now wants to climb everything.

I know we may not always be there when she decides to climb up something, so one of my top priorities lately has been to teach her how to climb DOWN.


Our time is up though, and now we’re super excited to fly up to Mexico to visit family.

Mexico will be Soleil’s 6th country, and I’m very excited about her visiting. You see, I’m Mexican, and so is she. Both my Grandparents came from Mexico (remember here). So we can’t wait for her first experience there. Her first of many.

Off we go to Mexico!



Soleil’s Global Citizen Diary

1) 10/9/2012  – Born in Lima, Peru (remember)

2) 12/14/2012  – 2 months old, entered USA (remember)

NA) 2/8/2013 – 4 months old, entered Chile, stamped in but rejected at the border (remember)

3) 4/14/13 – 6 months old, entered Bolivia (remember)

4) 6/2/13 – 8 months old, entered Argentina (remember)

5) 6-23-13 – 8 months old, entered Chile (remember

6) 4-23-14 – 18 months old, entered Mexico





  1. Ding. Ding.
    A. Stevie- you are so beautiful!
    B. tree, remember when all you could think about is a son?
    C. Girls rock (see B).
    D. Where and when are we going to meet you in South America. Sol has a few things to teach Nica and Theo.

    Love you!!

  2. liz Tompkins says:

    were those Pisco Sours you were drinking in the wine glasses?

  3. Aunt Debby and Uncle Barry says:

    Have a wonderful time in Mexico. Keep the Birthday celebration going strong! Love you all LOTS! P.S.I love the photo of you and Sol Walking off hand in hand.It speaks volumes!

  4. I sure hope those were Pisco sours in those wine glasses given where you were! Happy belated birthday, Tree!
    Have fun in Mexico!

  5. Anonymous says:

    What a lucky little girl. It’s awesome watching her grow up. She is going to be an amazing young woman.

  6. Have fun in Mexico guys.
    Happy Travels!

  7. Donald and Deborah says:

    saw this and thought of you and your rock climbing family:
    Endangered Mexican Black Bears (momma and cub) climb Santa Elena Canyon wall, March 21, 2014.

  8. Cool pics of Soleil climbing! We are anxious to get our 2 YO on the rock. Probably do some bouldering this season for sure.

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