Valley Of Condors

We crossed back into Chile a few days ago. I think it’s like our 4th or 5th time crossing into this country in the last year. It’s our toughest border, and I hate it. So many rules in Chile.

We’ve got it pretty dialed at this point, and we sailed right through despite getting the full pat down. They even looked in the rocket box this time. This has only happened twice in 4 years and 16 countries. The other time was also Chile.


Anyway, we worked our way north toward a relatively unknown climbing area called Valle de Los Condores. We’ve been hearing about it for several months and thought we’d better check it out. The reports of amazing beauty were not understated.


The climbing, however, was not for us. To reach the main section we would have needed to shimmy across the outside rails of a closed off bridge suspended above a class 5 whitewater rapid. Doing it alone would have been sketch, but doable. Doing it with a baby on my back… not an option.


Oh well, not every place is Sprinter Life friendly. We decided to just enjoy the camping and then move on. It certainly was a beautiful spot.





We’ve got about 2 more weeks until we fly to Mexico. We decided to head to Pichilemu, Chile’s best surf break, and check out the waves. A little beach time sounds perfect right about now.

We arrived this afternoon and rented a nice little bungalow right on the beach in front of the left point break. Settling in and liking the vibe!


DSC06085 DSC06094 DSC06100





  1. Nonituyas says:

    God she’s beautiful.

  2. I miss you guys. Be well…..

  3. Aunt Debby and Uncle Barry says:

    Wow, Sol is so beautiful and peaceful in that picture. We wish you were stopping by the USA, sure miss you all!

  4. Peggy Ditch-Langdon says:

    Both of the women in your life are gorgeous inside and out…

  5. Greg Lavespere says:

    What a beautiful place!!! I’ll be thinking of you guys when I take the family to Cocoa Beach, FL during our spring break in a couple weeks for some surfing!

  6. if i’d have been there we would have made it. baby-rolean traverse

  7. I’ve been inspired by your story and your many travel stories. I have almost completed the transformation of my 2012 Sprinter from delivery van, to my new home. I’ve given up everything that I thought made me happy and I’m trading it in for the new life I’ve always dreamed of but never had the courage to pursue. Can’t wait!

    • Wooohoo!! Congrats Lee! We’re thrilled to hear this. I get so inspired when others take the leap to purse a life of adventure, travel, and wilderness. Here’s to living the dream!!!!! Please stay in touch with us. Hope we get to toast over a glass of wine someday.

  8. Millard & Boo says:

    I just joined your blog. Was referred by Ben Kvanli. In reading, little did I know I read about your loss on the white salmon last year while out at Mt Hood. We are nomadic also for 2.5 years. No blog but can find us on FB. I finally mentioned on FB my dream of driving/backpacking to the 2016 Olympics. We are in the very early stages of thinking about it. Boo perceives it much easier driving. At least we could bring kayaks and SUP boards. Look forward to your posts and connecting with you in the future.

    Millard Blakey

    • Hey Millard,

      We sent you a FB request. Glad to see that we’re in contact now. Your upcoming plans sound exciting. We’ll be following along your adventures!

  9. Cooooooozzzzzz!!! Sooooooonnnnn!!!

  10. Pichilemu is a great surf town loved it there. In the beginning phases of planning a long drive from us to Patagonia. 2 questions One have you regretted not having 4×4. And why or why not. Second how did you ship around the Darien gap

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