On To Buenos Aires…

We just completed another uber-burly travel mission and have arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

To get here we traveled for 6 days flying from Cozumel to Atlanta and then Atlanta to Santiago. We then drove across South America.

It was a rough one and pretty much taxed the whole family.



We managed to accomplish our primary goal of going to Mexico, which was to return with a grip of boutique sipping Tequila. I don’t like to brag, but I usually do. We’re Tequila experts, and happen to be graduates of Tequila school in the town of Tequila, Mexico, (remember here).

Our stock is pretty good now, (Thanks Pa and Indra!). If you ever see any of these, buy them.
This line-up is no F’in joke.

Cazadores (Reposado)

Don Julio  (Reposado)

Cofradia (Blanco)

Cofradia  (Reposado)

Regalo de Dia (Reposado)

Regalo de Dia (Extra Anejo – aged 12 years in french oak)


On our way across the Andes we stopped off at Mendoza for a night. It was good to hang at one of our favorite hostels in South America, the Banana.


While we were there we also took the opportunity to stop off at The Vines Of Mendoza. Our good friend Ezequiel helped us pick out 4 cases of top flight wine and gave us the total hook up. What a guy!

You may be wondering, why all the alcohol? Tequila and wine in quantity, por que? The main reason is that we’re heading to Brazil for 6 months. Good wine will be impossible to get there, as will Tequila. So we’re going in prepared! This ain’t our first rodeo.


Below, enjoying a steak dinner on our night in Mendoza…


Below, Soleil finding more vertical terrain to explore. Always climbing this girl is. She’s got the vertical ladder on lock down now. She can go up AND down.


Below, Soleil showing off her face wounds after taking a climbing fall. Gonna have to start making this kid wear her helmet in every day life.

OH YES I CAN, AND I WILL! Especially when she’s dating age.


Below, Soleil insisting that she dress like her BEST friend, Kiki…


Taking a little roadside break on the long driving days across Argentina.

DSC07588 DSC07590

When we finally arrived in B.A. everyone was totally wiped. In addition to the trip, we also had all the time zones to deal with.

Recovery time…


We’re all settled in now. We’ve got a sick apartment in the San Telmo barrio of Buenos Aires. We’re planning on spending a month here. My Mom arrives on Sunday and there is plenty of talk about art museums, coffee shops, and Tango dancing. I guess so.

After that, it’s on to Brazil for the rest of the year. Can’t wait to see the surf up north.






  1. Nice one Tree!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m surprised they let you bring so much alcohol into the country. Most countries only allow you to bring a couple of liters.

    • You can actually bring as much as you can carry, but you will be obligated to pay duties, IF customs flags you.

      We however were flying through the US, not into it. Our final baggage destination was Chile. We weren’t too worried about it. We routinely fly into south america carrying all kinds of illegal food products. Those are a much higher concern than alcohol.

  3. Millard Blakey says:

    How difficult is it to travel in South American? Is buying a vehicle and driving better than public transportation?

    • Hi Millard,
      It’s very easy and buying or renting a vehicle is the way to go.Want to buy our Sprinter next year? 🙂

  4. Up and down the ladder??
    And in socks too? Wow!

  5. Anonymous says:

    In 1981 we traveled from La Paz, Bolivia (where we live for a year) to Lima, Peru for a cheap flight to Miami.
    Started out in La Paz, Bus to the Border, hopped some pick up trucks to the floating islands, then on to cuzco peru. from there we caught an old steamer train (straight out of history, and then a final Bus ride to Lima.

    You know the road might be dangerous when all of the people exit the bus at the beginning of the ride to pray at a shrine, ya think?

    It was an unforgettable trip, But I can’t even imaqine a cross continent version at that time. Hope it works out great for you, and if not, there is always the booze.
    Leo and Elo

  6. Hey guys! It was great to meet you the other night. Have a great time in Brasil, and hope you do manage to hook up with Emily, Adam and Colette (and maybe the newest addition by that time?) cheers, Steph and Juan (PS cazadores is my favorite tequila)

    • Thanks again for a great night! Wish we could have connected again. You guys have a safe trip home. Cheers!

  7. Love the tequila line-up!!! Our truck/camper is, in fact, named Tequila, perhaps an indication of how much of it we tend to drink 🙂 Enjoy the month in B.A. and then on to Brazil!

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