Aloha Brazil

We left Buenos Aires on our way to Serra Cipo, Brazil knowing that we had a long 5-6 day drive in front of us, and in order to get there we were going to drive right by the world famous Iguazu Falls.


We’ve got a little family goal to see all the highest and most spectacular waterfalls in the world.

We’ve already been to Angel Falls in Venezuela, which is the tallest waterfall in the world, (remember here ). We’ve also been to Gocta Falls in Peru, rumored (and disputed) as the 3rd highest waterfall in the world, (remember here).

Although not the highest, Iguazu Falls is probably the most spectacular we’ve seen. 


Iguazu is actually made up of many different falls. The shear power and size of this place blew me away.

You can go ahead and add this as one of the top places to spread my ashes when I move on. Pure magico…

DSC08229 DSC08258 DSC08261 DSC08266 DSC08269 DSC08275

We didn’t spend nearly enough time here, and Soleil actually slept through all the best view points. We might have to hit this again on our way out of Brazil in 6 months.


After seeing the falls we crossed into Brazil, one of the LAST countries we have in South America!

I can’t believe a) how long we’ve been down here and b) that we’ve almost been to every country. We must be getting close to being done with South America (hint?)

Brazil was Soleil’s 7th country.

Soleil’s Global Citizen Diary

1) Peru  – 10/9/12  – Born in Lima, (remember)

2) USA  – 12/14/12  – 2 months old, (remember)

NA) Chile  – 2/8/13 – 4 months old, stamped in but rejected at the border (remember)

3) Bolivia  – 4/14/13 – 6 months old, (remember)

4) Argentina  – 6/2/13 – 8 months old, (remember)

5) Chile  – 6/23/13 – 8 months old, (remember

6) Mexico  – 4/23/14 – 18 months old, (remember)

7) Brazil  – 6/23/2014 – 20 months old


Other than seeing the falls, the rest of the drive consisted of long hours on the road, and not so ideal camping sites at night.

Below, sleeping at a gas station in southern Brazil. The sun had just come up, and we were awaken by the big truck behind us laying on his horn for service…


Not long after crossing into Brazil we noticed that there were a TON of roads, mostly small and often in rough shape. We had a long way to go and the crux was figuring out which road to take. We weren’t able to completely trust the GPS, so we crossed referenced it with an old South American atlas. Then at every truck stop Stevie would get verification from the truck drivers on our intended route, all while trying to decipher their Portuguese.

Below, Stevie trying to make sense of it all…


Overall Soleil was a total trooper. She’s a nomad and has grown up on the road. Hard core, tough cookie. But even she has her breaking point.

Below, Soleil on day 5, greasy hair, looking none too stoked for another day in the van…


On our way to Cipo we planned to stop off and visit our Brazilian overlanding friends, Rafa and Isabela. We had met them almost a year ago in La Paz, Bolivia as they drove a clockwise loop around South America. They told us to visit them in Brazil, so we did…


We actually just caught them. They are about to ship their truck (see below) to Europe where they will drive it across Russia, into Asia, back across the middle east, and then down the length of Africa.


In case you were wondering, these guys are the real deal. They are Day Trippers!

(Rafa and Isabela seen below on the far right)


We also had the pleasure to meet a South African overlanding family who were there hanging out with Day Trippers. Although we’ve been friends with them for a long time on Facebook, it was great to finally meet Graeme and Luisa, with their two kids Keelan, and Jessica. These guys are pretty bad ass as well.




After the sun went down it didn’t take long for things to get way out of control. It started off with beer and moved to wine. Then we started drinking Amarula, which was a first for me. We were all pretty buzzed when it occurred to me that I had Tequila in the van. After that was gone we moved to Rum. That was pretty much the nail in the coffin.



This guys is about to drive around the world. Yeah, I guess I’ll trust him to drive me back to camp…




After all the parties were over, we drove on and finally arrived at Cipo, our final destination. We got lucky and quickly found an apartment. We’re settled in and super stoked. More to come soon.


Below, Stevie and Soleil add the Brazilian flag to the van…





  1. Love to go climbing with you guys at Smith..(hint)

  2. Paula e Guillermo says:

    Que bom que já estão no Brasil. Bem vindos e estamos esperando vocês com os braços abertos como o Cristo Redentor. Beijos

  3. Millard says:

    Enjoyed your post. One more more of insane work hours and will have enough money for our SM trip. Hope to kayak in Chile and spend six weeks total in the area. Maybe will get a chance to connect in person.

  4. ALL of you are endlessly inspiring as we are still in the paying off debt/ planning stages of our long drive! Did you love the amarula? We drank it all the time in Africa.. it’s excellent in coffee as well 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wait til you see Victoria Falls!

  6. Luiz Riva says:

    Welcome to Brazil!

    Are you coming north? Amazon? If so, let me know. I’m in Roraima state, border with Venezuela.

    Have a great trip!!

    • Hey Luiz. We aren’t going north this time. We only have 6 months on our visas, so after Serra do Cipo, we’re heading back south. We decided that we’ll have to come back to Brazil to do another 6 months in the north. This country is so big! We could do many 6 month tours 🙂 Thank you for the invitation, though. Please stay in touch. Our paths will cross eventually 🙂

  7. READ AND RUN TREE. I think you got this one.

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