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As you can see, we haven’t been updating the blog much.

Things have been hectic around here… well, at least hectic for some of us.


This last month in Buenos Aires went by INSANELY fast! Despite a number of difficult things we’ve had to deal with over the last month, we had a really good hang.


In addition to losing one of our favorite pack members, (remember Kiki here), I also had an incredibly stressful month. Our company, Outdoorplay, just endured a lovely audit from the IRS and at the end of the day they stuck us with a $60,000 tax bill. No, we weren’t trying to cheat on our taxes. There was an accounting error caused by our old technology platform which created the problem when we migrated to a new system. Even the IRS guy felt bad about it and waived all the penalties (unhead of).

Right about the time Outdoorplay got the tax bill from the IRS, we received an order from Sea World, which I ultimately decided to cancel. Kinda weird timing to be turning down money, regardless of the amount, but we felt like it was the right thing to do. When I posted it on facebook it created a bit of a stir…

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 3.38.17 PM

A few days later we were contacted by Dixie Gillaspie from The Good Men Project. She was interested in doing an article, and with the hope of drawing more attention to the issue, we happily agreed. She later published the article here…

What Kind of Company Tells SeaWorld “Thanks For the Order, But We Don’t Want Your Money?” 

The answer to the question in the title of the article is obvious, it’s the kind of company who owes the IRS $60,000 but is too stupid to take the order. HAHA! In all seriousness, we stand behind the decision.

In the end the post went viral and ended up flooding Outdoorplay headquarters with emails and phone calls, (sorry about that team ODP). Stevie and I also received way more emails and comments than we’re going to be able to answer, so thanks everyone for those words, and for supporting the decision.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 3.58.18 AM

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 6.41.22 PM

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 3.37.41 PM

So it was a crazy month. I have to say it was really helpful and extra special to have my Mom here with us. I don’t think we would have made it through without her.


This was her FOURTH time visiting us in South America. Crazy the motivation having a grandchild offers you, eh?


Other than Stevie and me, there’s never been another person in Soleil’s life who has spent more time and energy on her. These two were inseparable for a month. Soleil learned so much from Noni, including a bunch of English!

Sol and Noni Tower Butt

DSC08155 DSC08192 DSC08195

Thank you for coming to visit again Mom. We love and honor you immensely. XOXOXOX


Below are a bunch of photos from our time in Buenos Aires. Stevie says she’s going to come in and put some captions… if she can find 5 minutes to break away from Soleil.  🙂

San Telmo Mercado



Plaza Dorrego 

Street Art in San Telmo

photo 3

Graffiti in front of the Casa Rosada, where Evita gave her speeches to empower her ‘descamisadas’ (the shirtless workers)


Florida Street


Eating gelato at Plaza Dorrego

Sol and I Dorrego Plaza

Group photo with Doug, Marcia, and Greg.  We hung out with them a ton in Buenos Aires.  They made our time super special.


Ari, Soleil’s nanny from Mendoza, came to visit us in Buenos Aires. We had a great time with her. 



Antique shop on DefensaBrazos Arriba

The coolest ugly sweater ever madeAwesome sweater

Soleil giving Daddy his father’s day present: fresh baked cookies and a cool t-shirt!


It’s finally time to bounce, so once again we pack everything we own back into the old Sprinter and prepare for road life.



Now we go North to Belo Horizonte to climb the limestone of Serra Cipo, Brazil. Very excited to see a new country and crank on some of the best sport climbs in South America.


photo 5



  1. Nonituyas says:

    Thank you Tree and Stevie – for everything. Give Sol and her bunny “besitos de Noni” and let us know when you reach Belo Horizonte. Love you all stars . . .

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Thank you for sending Noni home. We missed her soooooo much. The pictures are amazing!

  4. Hola Sprinter Tribe,
    Sounds as if you had a challenging, stressful month and feeling a bit crowded.
    The wild of the road is calling and the spiritual purging that comes with the nomadic lifestyle.
    I commend you and ODP for taking a stand for a life saving, compassionate cause, despite the financial loss. (That is the difference between involvement and true commitment)
    Your giving nature will repay you and then some, It’s a universal law.
    much Love.
    Carry On,

  5. Totally awesome that you stood up for what you believe and got so much support! I love it. Well done team.

  6. Leigh Chantelle says:

    Hi to you both,
    What a wonderful adventure you’re all on.

    I also work remotely and have done in the USA & SE Asia the past few years. Currently home in Brisbane for the next couple of years ticking things off of my to-do list. Travel awaits after that and is never too far from my thoughts.

    When you come to Australia, let me know.
    Leigh Chantelle

  7. Anonymous says:

    I applaud your decision to turn down the Sea World order. Thank you for your commitment to our brothers and sisters in the sea.

    Judy Hickey

  8. Bravo to you guys for not taking the order from SeaWorld. I don’t have a need at the moment to purchase from you, but when that need does come…I won’t hesitate. Just wanted to pass along that there are people out there who saw what you did and commend you for it. Thank you!-Tyler

  9. Anonymous says:

    YAHOO! You are my hero! I will buy all my outdoor stuff from you from now on and I will recommend that my friends and family do too. I hope other companies do what you did. You are an inspiration and I’m so happy you put animals before money. You have it figured out! You know what’s really important in life and for that you will be greatly rewarded. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

  10. Lindsy Van Gelder says:

    I bought an Ocean kayak from you guys years ago. Just read about your stance re Sea World on Facebook and I salute you!

  11. Anonymous says:

    You guys are absolutely awesome and inspiring. Thank you for standing up for what you believe in and not just selling out like many people would have.

    Raj Bahadoor

  12. Connie Rodgers says:

    Good Morning;
    I love and respect that you turned down business from Seaworld because you disagree with the ethics of holding typically wild animals in captivity. Massive kudos to you J.

  13. Dee Sasser says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for saying no to SeaWorld! I am not only now in love with your company, which I had never shopped before but I am sharing this with everyone I know! You are AWESOME!

  14. Susie Crayfourd says:

    A company with ethics and morals!! Well done Outdoorplay, I hope what you’ve done will inspire many more companies to do the same. BIG THUMBS UP

  15. Mona Bartmanovich says:

    Beautiful! Some people simply can’t be bought…I know I’m one of them. Namaste brother and sister…

  16. Ann Wall says:

    What an incredible couple! Fantastic! Good karma x 10!!

  17. Valerie Goodfellow says:

    Thank you both for making the world a bit better and if you need a purchasing manager in Florida I will be the first to apply!

  18. Alexa Cedolin says:

    I love this story. Thank you Tree, Stevie and Soleil!!!

  19. Dove Joans says:

    Aloha Stevie, Tree and Soliel!

    I wanted to say hello and congrats on the fabulous family and work decision with SeaWorld!

    The 3 important areas you suggested for SeaWorld is the core messge in the current film’s story, I am Dolphin I’m working on (different circumstances)… and for a number of years, I’ve been working on the base of approaching “Corporations” with a structure to turn their “image around”, via “cause marketing” (SeaWorld was my sole movitation for this many years ago).

    Alittle backstory… I’ve lived a somewhat unconventional life with my dolphin quest (since I was 14 years old), and wanted to share a few ideas with you both about a new film I’m in preproduction and very passionate with, I am Dolphin… an adventure documentary highlighting the human-dolphin spiritual connections with ancient cultures to help modern man.

    Now I feel an urgency more than ever… because many of our ocean dolphin and whale friends are approaching extinction, and the issue of captivity staring the public in the face.
    Would love to talk (Skype or email) with you guys please… in the meantime, I am Dolphin YouYube video for the campaign:

    The Movie on FB ~ (newly created 6 days ago).

    My YouTube Channel with 6 different eco-videos (short love poems) Here’s one of the criticial endangered NZ’s Maui’s dolphins:

    In 2012 on a captive orca, Free Morgan (which helped get Jean-Michel Cousteau and Ady Gil involved with the cause.. before that, they didn’t know it was happening)>

    When you have a moment, look forward to connecting!

    Ocean gratitude,

  20. Selfishly, the greatest joy of being able to tell this story is the story itself, and the connection to two (well three really, Soleil just don’t know it yet) amazing souls in human packages! I know your decision had nothing to do with public opinion, but the public that honors your decision is part of the light I see on our horizon. Thanks for letting me be part of the celebration!

  21. I always thought of places like Sea World & aquariums as windows into the wondrousness of ocean life; a window into a world that most people, at least landlocked ones who live their lives in concrete jungles, going from job to home and back again on asphalt roads, a window into a world they would never otherwise see; and if that helps even one person think twice before flushing their prescription drugs down the toilet or dumping their car oil lube waste down a sewer drain, then I think the world, and the ocean, has been made a better place.

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