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  1. Tessa Hill says:

    Perfect name!! Very excited about your new website. I know that anything you do will be visionary and big. Can’t wait!

  2. Thanks Tessa for your support! I’m super excited to invest a little deeper in my writing and community of readers. I feel blessed to have developed so many virtual friends through the past few years and hope to branch out and give back even more.

  3. Cant wait!
    I have a one year old Peruvian baby girl in my arms asleep as I type this 🙂

    • Hooray!!! It’s nice to hear from you, Jim. I think you’ll be able to post pics in the comments fields of my new site (not sure). If so, I’d love a picture of your baby girl!!! She must be getting big now….is she already a year old? No….

  4. I like the idea of you writing more Stevie! I have enjoyed your writing for years now and always want to read more! Also, LOVE the name!! Cheers!

  5. .Bethany and sage says:

    It was so beautiful meeting you and your daughter at the airport! I love how the universe brings beautiful people threw your life at the perfect time! We are currently an hour outside eugene if you ever need anything!! I wish you the best on your adventures and we send our love!
    Blessed be,
    Bethany and Sage

    • It was such a sweet surprise to meet you! That was a bit of long haul for all of us, but our short time playing was definitely a bright spot. I hope our paths cross again in real life. In the meantime, I’m glad we’re connected here in the virtual world 🙂 Big love to you, Sage, and Papa. xo.

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