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Attention readers:

This is it. Last call. This is the final Sprinter Life blog post.

For almost 6 years this blog has been a running diary of our life on the road. There are a lot of great memories and stories here. And this post is the final punctuation mark.

We’re moving on to a new chapter, and a NEW BLOG!

Going forward, Stevie will continue writing about our adventures at

Final Header for NIL


As of the writing of this post, Nomadly In Love has already been live for a couple weeks, and we’ve already seen a few questions rolling in. Let’s just address a few of them here before moving on.

  • Why start a new blog? We don’t own the Sprinter anymore, (remember here). So there’s that. But really, Stevie has a bigger vision. Sprinter Life started out as just a way to update friends and family while we were on our Pan-American ‘trip,’ but as you know, that trip turned into a full-time lifestyle, (remember here). The new blog will continue to update you all on our travels, plus it has all of our Sprinter Life archives, but it will also include more of Stevie’s essays, road-recipes, and a place to officially “Ask Stevie” questions since she’s been answering them by email for years anyway. Basically, it’s Sprinter Life on steroids with kind of a girly name.
  • Will I still get the email? Yes, if you are signed up to receive Sprinter Life by email, then you should continue to get emails through Nomadly In Love.
  • Are you done traveling? Um, no. Not even close. Since returning from South America we bought an RV, (remember here), and we’ve been on the road traveling through North America, chasing 75 degrees.
  • What are you planning to do about Soleil? My current plan is to just keep feeding her. Wait, what was the question?
  • What about when Soleil’s old enough for school? Oh, that. We’re planning to road-school her. Ask Stevie about it on the new site, click here.
  • Aren’t you worried about Soleil not having friends or a home? Wait a sec… why are most of these questions about Soleil? I feel like Daddy is the only friend Sol needs. She seems to be doing pretty well in the friends department anyway, (remember here).
  • What are your future plans? Now we’re getting somewhere. I’m writing this post from Squamish, Canada. We’ll be here another couple weeks before starting our migration south. We’ll spend a month climbing in Maple Canyon, then we’ll store the RV and head back south for the cold season. We’ll do a quick tour of duty in Baja to catch the early season surf swell, then we’ll fly back to Mendoza, Argentina to climb, drink Malbec, and look cool.  In December, we’ll be celebrating Stevie’s 40th birthday in Mexico City, and then it’s back to Los Angeles for the holidays. After that, you’ll just have to wait and see. (Read: We have no idea. Or rather, we have 100 ideas and don’t know which one will grow legs).




It’s been a good run, folks. Thanks for making Sprinter Life so fun to share. The journey continues, so head over to Nomadly In Love and follow the adventure.







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