I’m Coming Out! Culturally Ambiguous

Soleil joins the Bomberos

I was walking back from climbing the other day with Soleil in the kiddy-pack, and a guy I'd never seen before crossed our path from the opposite direction. As we passed, Soleil's tiny hand started … [Read more...]

Dear Daddy: A Letter from Soleil

Comida a las gallinas

Dear Daddy, Since you've been gone, lots has happened. First of all, I got sick.  Here I am in bed...suffering without you. Mom compensated for your absence by letting us watch Plaza … [Read more...]

Gracious Goes the Ghost of Kiki

silver creek 035

In August of 2012, we found out that Kiki had terminal heart and liver problems and was given six months to live.  (Read the post here).  She defied the prognosis and lived for nearly two more years. … [Read more...]

A Day in the Life of Soleil: Pichilemu

Soleil horse and graffiti

In case you were wondering what an 18-month-old nomad does on the road, I thought I'd share my average day with you. I wake up next to Mama under a web of mosquito net. I would really like to rip … [Read more...]

Piedra Parada: A Globetrotter’s Paradise

Brazos Arriba

Just before heading back to Piedra Parada, I was interviewed as part of a research project on globetrotters conducted by a lovely French Canadian woman, a fellow gypsy-mama named Valarie Bertrand. As … [Read more...]

Home Is Back on the Road


It's always strange leaving the comforts of an apartment and moving back into the Sprinter. Each time before we hit the road again, we can't help but wonder how we'll fit everything back in the van, … [Read more...]

Be an Ocean Guardian in 2014

Please help us take positive action and share this post with the social media buttons above. Together we CAN make a difference.   In the past few years, Tree and I have made an effort to educate … [Read more...]

The Countdown Begins….

Wine Tour with Barrels

Three months ago, when we moved into our apartment in Mendoza, we said that we basically had until my birthday before the countdown began for us to get on the road again. Well, we just celebrated … [Read more...]

An Essay on Number Two


Soleil is walking and talking. It's crazy, my baby isn't a baby any more. All of a sudden, she's a toddler. She says much more than we can understand (stupid grown-ups!) but, thus far, aside from our … [Read more...]

Save the Boobies! Save the World?

Hippy Sol and I

I was sitting in a Mexican restaurant eating chips and salsa across the table from my former boyfriend, who, for the sake of brevity, we will call Dipshit.  I reached over to grab another chip when I … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Soleil – We Did It For The Wild


I wrote this blog post as a present for Soleil on her 1st birthday. This is the story of how she came to live the nomad life. -Stevie = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = … [Read more...]

Easter Island – Rapa Nui


When you take on South America by road, there is bound to be a bucket list of must-dos in each country. So far we've been successful ticking ours off. Angel Falls in Venezuela, the Pacifico in … [Read more...]

The Fighting Cholitas: Happy Mother’s Day!


  Petticoats.  Bowler hats.  Body slams.   What's not to love?  When Tree asked me what I wanted to do for Mother's day, I knew I had to use my "special-day advantage" to get him to take me to … [Read more...]

The Naughty Nuns in Arequipa


While Tree finished  revamping the ODP site, Sol and I decided to go to the famous Monasterio de Santa Catalina.  I'd love to wax poetic about it and tell you everything I learned on my tour, but I'm … [Read more...]

I Am Awesome: The Meaning of Life


I'm sitting here on the beach at Puerto Inca -- a tiny fishing village in the south coastal desert of Peru nestled into a beautiful, protected bay. It's rugged. Part Planet of the Apes, part … [Read more...]