Our world is facing many critical challenges. Gone are the times when apathy was an acceptable behavior. Stevie and I believe that we have a responsibility to take action, to create change, and this begins with awareness.

Here is a list of what we’re watching, reading, and writing.

If you have a good suggestion, please email us and we’ll check it out.

(Please note that web links change. If you click on a link below and it fails, just google it!)


This Just In – New Material:

Blue Gold: The Water Wars Begin – A TREE blog post

Climate Change A MUST SEE! Broken into 23 videos, each a little over 10 minutes long.

Kill Your Television – A Tree blog post.

End Civilization – Examines our culture’s addiction to systematic violence and environmental exploitation, and probes the resulting epidemic of poisoned landscapes and shell-shocked nations.

Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math – Do yourself a favor and read this article from Rolling Stone

Seeds of Freedom – FREE, 30 minutes. The story of seed has become one of loss, control, dependence and debt.

Paul Gilding: The Earth is full – PLEASE watch this one. FREE. TED Talk. 16 minutes everyone should hear.

Rob Hopkins: Transition to a world without oil – FREE, TED talk, 16 minutes


What We’re Watching:

Politics & The World:

Why We Fight – FREE on Youtube, or you can rent this documentary from iTunes or Netflix.

Eisenhower’s Farewell Address – FREE. Warning about the Military Industrial Complex. Chilling.

The Secret Government – FREE. A short 20 minute history on the CIA

Bill Maher’s “Religulous” – Rent it on iTunes or Netflix, funny!

Zeitgeist – FREE. All 3 movies on Youtube. Let them load before you hit play.

Joe Rogan – The American War Machine – FREE. 8 minutes of truth and a Tree favorite.

ReGeneration – Examines the apathy of today’s people and why protest is important

The Crisis of Civilization– FREE.  how global crises like ecological disaster, financial meltdown, dwindling oil reserves, terrorism and food shortages are converging symptoms of a single, failed global system.  A Stevie favorite!

The Inside Job – An excellent look at the last financial crisis of 2008

Capitalism, A Love Story – A look at the last financial crisis of 2008

Bowling For Columbine – A look at the powerful gun lobby

Sicko – A look at the health care industry

Flight from Death: The Quest for Immortality– FREE. Based on The Denial of Death, by Ernest Becker, examines man’s ‘vital lies’

Jared Diamond about why societies collapse – FREE, only 18 minutes


FUEL – FREE. A look at our addiction to oil and what can be done

180 Degrees South

Blue Gold: World Water Wars – FREE. Explores the privatization of freshwater

James Hansen: Why I must speak out about climate change

Even The Rain  – A movie about corporations who are trying to steal the worlds freshwater

Van Jones: The economic injustice of plastic – FREE, TED Talk, 10 minutes


Forks Over Knives


Food, Inc.



The Union – The Business Of Getting High

Jon Stewart On Welfare – AWESOME!!! Aasif Mandvi gets to the bottom of Florida’s welfare drug testing law.


Note: here is a great resource for finding informative documentaries to watch 


What We’re Reading (non-fiction):

Politics / Environment:

21st-Century Slaves: How Corporations Exploit Prison Labor – This is a great read. It’s very scary that our prison systems have been privatized. This has led to the US having the highest incarceration rate in the world. Nobody should profit from incarceration!

Confessions Of An Economic Hitman

It’s All for Sale: The Control of Global Resources – A Stevie Favorite

Endgame, The Problem With Civilization

The World Is Flat

Hot, Flat, and Crowded

What The Fuck Has Occupy Done? – If you think protesters are just our there causing problems, check this out. Once on the page, start clicking the orange button. Also check out Stevie’s Occupy post here

Family / Spirituality / Entertainment:

GAJ – The End Of Religion – a Stevie Favorite

The Power Of Now

I Am The Door

Bringing Up Bebe – the wisdom of French parenting

1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus

Reefer Madness – Sex, Drugs, and Cheap Labor In America

The Denial of Death – Pulitzer prize winner- A Stevie Favorite

The Ancient Realm – FOR KIDS!!!  Great book about environmental stewardship.

Exit Laughing: How Humor Takes the Sting Out of Death


A Nation Of Meat Eaters: See How It All Adds Up – Stevie an I continue to do research on the meat industry and the damage they do to our health and the planet. We are moving towards a full vegan diet. Right now we’re about 80% vegan.

What We’re Writing:


Pacific Trash Vortex – a look at the pollution in our oceans

Tomorrow’s Ruins –  a look at what caused the fall of the Mayans of Copan…and how we’re not far behind

To Bees or Not to Bees 

The Butterfly Effect

Dead Dolphins Wash Ashore In Peru – caused by offshore oil drilling

Blue Gold: The Water Wars Begin – A TREE blog post

Kill Your Television – A Tree blog post.

Drug war: 

Marijuana,The Business Behind Getting High – why marijuana should be legal

The War on Drugs Cannot Be Won – why we should legalize all drugs

Drug Smuggling for Dummies – how drugs get into the US

FARC Lashes Out, Terrorist Attacks In Columbia – how the USA’s drug consumption creates terrorism

Give A Holla Guatemala – the USA’s impact on Central America

La Paz – The USA is funding Mexico’s drug cartels

Activism, Social Justice, Global Citizenship: 

The Language of Revolution: How Movements Effect Change  how Occupy Wall Street and civic ACTION makes a difference

The Have-Nots

Who Do You Trust For News?

Aloha El Salvador

Global Citizenship: Is the Whole Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts? 

Philosophical musings on love, being nomads, and identity:

Happy to be Homeless


In Search of Eden

Vertigo of the Soul

On the Flip Side

I Want to Believe in Something Bigger Than Me: Angel Falls

Palenque, A Brown Powered World 


Recommended To Us – On The List

Free Lunch – answers the great mystery of our time: How did our strong and growing economy give way to job uncertainty, debt, bankruptcy, and fear for millions of Americans.

Food Revolution – by John Robbins.


  1. Thank you son…the “Road To Awareness” has become my source of knowledge and information. Love you both.

  2. A most life-changing book…for your personal health and the planet’s health: “Food Revolution” John Robbins.
    It’s unbelievable!!

  3. Here is a great book that sums up the giveaway to big business at the expense of the average taxpayer and MANY thousands of good paying US jobs:

    “Free Lunch”

    Free Lunch answers the great mystery of our time: How did our strong and growing economy give way to job uncertainty, debt, bankruptcy, and fear for millions of Americans? Acclaimed reporter David Cay Johnston reveals how government policies and spending have reached deep into the wallets of the many to benefit the top 1% of the wealthiest.

    He shows exactly who has been getting free lunches from the government?from $100 million to Warren Buffett, to $1.3 billion to the owners of the Yankees and Mets. But of course there?s really no such thing as a free lunch. The taxpayer always picks up the bill. With his in depth reporting, vivid stories, and sharp analysis, Johnston reveals the forces that shape our everyday economic lives?and shows us how we can finally make things better.

    A fascinating if not daunting read it is. The backwards slide is only going to continue until the money train slows to a crawl.

    Take care,


  4. Anonymous says:

    great idea. thanks for so many good links

  5. mamatuyas says:

    Keep up the good fight. Ignorance is the enemy.
    I honor you.

  6. Aaron Lemke says:

    Free Condoms and Toilet Seats for all!!!!!

  7. Don’t believe everything you read. Everyone’s got an agenda. And Michael Moore really got suckered by the Cubans on their healthcare–what an idiot he was not to see through the crap they piled on him. I’ve been there and seen the real healthcare that the poor Cubans have to tolerate. LIttle medicine, few supplies, old and out-dated equipment. The good stuff is upstairs for the party elite and tourists.

    • mamatuyas says:

      Yes, everyone has an agenda. And the agenda of most activists is to try and save the planet from pollution, provide opportunities for health and social justice to ALL the people instead of just the wealthy few, replace toxic fuels with clean renewable alternative energy, preserve our ecosystems – (just to name a few) – and all worthy WORTHY goals. Even if someone gets misinformed sometimes, we must keep investigating, supporting positive change, practicing Right Action . . . we MUST keep CARING and trying to make things better. Apathy and negative attitudes are not an option.

  8. Teri Hogan says:

    Awareness is fine addition to your blog. Thank you for putting so much good stuff in one place!

  9. Good lists. you guys are amazing! There is a follow up to zeigeist called zeigeist annendum. i thought it was def. worth watching. Keep on…

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