Los Angeles Love


Whenever we come back to the United States we split our time between Hood River, my old stomping grounds (remember here), and LA, which is where Stevie is from. When I first drove into LA years ago … [Read more...]

Hood River Part #2


Here are some photos our our crazy Hood River week. Sorry that we didn't get photos of everyone. We're experiencing difficulties with our new camera. Our visit was incredible, but far too short. In … [Read more...]

Dear Soleil – Hood River Part #1


A special thanks to Richard Hallman for the amazing photos below. The last time you styled us out like this was back in Peru when Soleil was still in Stevie’s tummy (remember here). This latest round … [Read more...]

Back In America


We're a little behind on the blog I see. This is gonna be a real quick update. Please forgive the lack of good photos. We got a new camera and I have no idea how to use it, and no inclination to read … [Read more...]

Going out on a bender – Adios 2012


  Here's a quick look back at Sprinter Life - 2012 Best Moments: 1) The birth of our beautiful daughter, Soleil - remember here 2) Getting legally married - We actually got married a … [Read more...]

Christmas 2012


Stevie and I are self-diagnosed wine snobs. Plain and simple. Before we left the United States, we went on a four month wine tour from LA to Canada, visiting a total of 152 wineries, (remember here). … [Read more...]

My Vasectomy


  Two weeks after Soleil was born we were back at the doctors office for Stevie's check-up. We were sitting across the desk when the doctor leaned over and asked us the question, "So, what … [Read more...]

Aloha America, Happy Birthday Stevie!


Our last few days in Lima were filled with making arrangements and packing to travel. Our friends James and Lauren from Home On The Highway arrived from Northern Peru to babysit Kiki while we're gone … [Read more...]

Heading Home – Adios USA


Friday I had my last follow-up appointment. The doctor was a little concerned and recommended that I be careful for the next several weeks. Usually he packs the ear with an antibiotic gel for a month … [Read more...]

Baby Shower – Another First For Tree


Since we were coming to California for my double ear surgery, Stevie's sister Alexis and our good friend Cyndi decided to throw her a baby shower. Somewhere along the planning phase it turned … [Read more...]

Into The Record Books…

Record Books

At the first surgery, the last thing Tree said to me before he went under was, "Please, take care of my baby."  Very cute.  But yesterday was a little different. Tree's conversation with the … [Read more...]

We are the 99% – Occupy Everywhere

Occupy Peru

Please reshare this on Facebook - Let's go viral! Dear friends, It is time for us to wake up.  We are living through a monumental crisis, which translates as a rare moment of opportunity in the … [Read more...]

Welcome Home, Congratulations, & BON VOYAGE…

Cyndi & Stevie

The day before we left the country our dear friend Cyndi hosted a  Welcome Home, Congratulations, & Bon Voyage Party! Since we were only in LA for a week, this gave us the opportunity to see as … [Read more...]

Complete in Love

wedding 2

On Sept. 10th, 1982, my little sister was born, marking the first happiest day of my life.  My sister and I are nearly seven years apart, and as a big sister, I have always wanted to keep her safe … [Read more...]

Adios USA – We’re Heading Home!

Adios USA

After an AMAZING weekend in LA, we're ready to give our livers a break. We're rolling on 2 hours of sleep and staring at 24 hours of travel. We'll ride American Airlines to Miami, then on to Quito, … [Read more...]