Final Blog Post – Sprinter Life Moved to


------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Attention readers: This is it. Last call. This is the final Sprinter Life blog post. For almost 6 years this blog … [Read more...]

We are the 99% – Occupy Everywhere

Occupy Peru

Please reshare this on Facebook - Let's go viral! Dear friends, It is time for us to wake up.  We are living through a monumental crisis, which translates as a rare moment of opportunity in the … [Read more...]

I Want To Believe In Something Bigger Than Me: Angel Falls


If you like this post, please share it with one of the social media buttons above. Thanks! -Stevie It’s not that I didn’t want to see the falls. It’s just that they are located clear on … [Read more...]

The Land Of The Lost! Canaima…

We are back from our trip to the Canaima jungle and Angel Falls, or as I now call it, The Land Of The Lost! Our Sprinter Life mission was a huge success.Stevie and I have visited 27 … [Read more...]

Angel Falls – Complete The Trifecta

When the Venezuela adventure was being planned and analyzed I identified three good reasons for braving a mission:1) To visit Trujillo. Check. (read post here)2) To enter the Andes at La … [Read more...]

The Venezuelan Adrenaline Tour


Revenge is a really harsh word. I would hardly use it to describe the birth of my latest brainchild, the Venezuelan Adrenaline Tour. In order to act out revenge you must first have ample motive. … [Read more...]

Styles Of Madness

If you like this post, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, or StumbleUpon by clicking one of the buttons above. Thank you kindly! -STEVIELately I have had to calculate a lot of risk.The math goes … [Read more...]

The Door To The Andes – The Longest Mountain Range In The World

There were three reasons we decided to brave a trip into Venezuela. One was to visit Trujillo (read previous post here). The second was to enter the Andes mountains at their source. The third … [Read more...]

Trujillo – My Peeps Have A Home

One of the big reasons I wanted to come to Venezuela was to visit the state of Trujillo. For those of you who don't know, my last name (and now Stevie's last name) is Trujillo.The original plan was to … [Read more...]

Sand Surfing Coro

Coro is an old colonial town on the Caribbean coast of Venezuela. We had heard that it was a cool hang, so we went to check it out.Guillermo's standard operating procedure when arriving in a new town … [Read more...]

Venezuela’s Big Surprise

If you like this post, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, or StumbleUponJust click the buttons above. Thanks!After being in Venezuela for several days we can officially announce the biggest … [Read more...]

24 Hours In Venezuela – The Situations

If you like this post, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, or StumbleUponJust click the buttons above. Thanks!Our first 24 hours in Venezuela was full of excitement, adventure, and SITUATIONS!The … [Read more...]

Without Hesitation – Into Venezuela!

We did not want to miss visiting Venezuela, but due to safety concerns we've been debating the decision to go for months. Our biggest problem was getting accurate information on the travel situation … [Read more...]