What the hell are you doing?
We’re reclaiming our right to the pursuit of happiness. This right has been smothered by the American Dream of consumerism and debt. We’ve decided to buck the system. Instead we will live with less, travel the world, meet new people, learn about new cultures, and try to grow as individuals through those experiences.

Where are you going?
Right now we’re on the Pan American Highway driving to the tip of South America. We’re trying to visit all the countries in Central and South America on the way. Our big picture plan is to drive around the entire world. Learn more here.

When are you returning home from your trip?
We don’t consider this a trip. This is our new life path, and right now we’re not really planning to return. We hope to explore this amazing planet for the rest of our lives. Right now we live in a van, and we already have a savings account for a new sail boat! That’s several years away though.
Are you worried about the dangers of traveling in some of the countries?
The world is a dangerous place. Bad things can happen, but they can happen anywhere. Some of the scariest places we’ve ever been are in Los Angeles! Don’t get us wrong. We’re not underestimating the dangers of the places we travel, we’re just not letting fear control our lives. Nor do we give the US media any credibility. They are selling fear in 24-hour doses. We do research, ask lots of questions, consult our intuition, and then make the best decisions we can. And then we ride the energy! We believe the world is full of more good than evil. 

How do you fund this lifestyle?
We aren’t retired nor are we independently wealthy. We still work every day. Tree runs an online business in Oregon that allows him to work remotely. Check it out here… www.outdoorplay.com. And Stevie is pursuing a writing career. We don’t make a ton of money, but by cutting our expenses and by living in a van we should be able to pursue the nomad dream forever.

Don’t you want to have a family one day?
Of course we do. We plan to have one child and probably in the near future. So many people tell us that when we have a child we’ll have to settle down, go back to the states, get a house with a big yard and a big screen TV. We aren’t buying it! We believe we can continue this lifestyle and raise our child on the road and in the world. Our child will grow up learning new languages and understanding different cultures. We can’t wait.

Why is your website called Sprinter Life?
We live in a 2006 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van. Hence, Sprinter Life.

Did your van come outfitted?
You can buy a Sprinter Van completely outfitted, but we designed ours over a couple years and just kept adding to it. Sports Mobile did most of the conversion work. You can learn more about the van here…  Sprinter Home

Why are you taking your dog on this trip? Doesn’t that make it more difficult?
Kiki is a full fledged member of the family, so she has every right to go wherever we go. Besides that, this is her retirement. Sure, there are more factors for us to consider, but we have a family rule – ‘Never leave a Nomad behind!’

How are you planning to get your dog across the borders?
With the proper paper work, some good luck, and a little bit of Bribe money.
Why do you call yourselves Nomads?
Because the definition of the word best describes our pursuit of happiness…

Nomad – A member of a tribe that has no permanent abode but moves about from place to place, usually seasonally and following a route according to the state of surroundings

I want to be a nomad too. How do I start?
You already have! Just having the dream or vision is the first step. After that, no matter what, don’t let ANYBODY tell you it can’t be done. There are people who are afraid of anything that is outside of their little comfort box. They will try to bring you down. Don’t listen to them. Reach out to others who are living the dream. Ask questions, plan, and then just go. 

How much does it cost to be a nomad?
There are too many variables to list a single figure. Where you are, what you drive, what your comfort zone is, etc. The range is wide. But it can be a lot cheaper to live in any country south of the United States. If you have specific questions on costs, just drop us an email.

Have any other questions for us? We’d love to answer them!
Send us an email…


  1. My husband and I are nomadic ourselves. There is something beautiful in living small. I know you mentioned it, but what do you mean by Stevie is pursing a writing career? Is she a blogger? Novelist? Journalist? Columnist?

    Also, I am sure you have met similar people in your travels. What sorts of jobs did other people have in order to maintain this lifestyle?

    Any suggestions would be great!

    Thanks so much! 🙂

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