Funding Sprinter Life

One of the most frequent questions we get is…

“How do you fund your life style?”

People usually assume we’re either trust funders, or we’re living on savings. Neither is the case.

But there really are only 3 ways to be out here on the road full time. You can be independently wealthy, you can save up, or you can work.

Most of the overland travelers we meet along the way have saved up money over a period of years and are doing an extended road trip on the money. Our situation is unique in that we still work every day. Stevie is an aspiring writer and is currently working on a book. I own an internet based business in Oregon. We’re both lucky that we can pursue these careers remotely from anywhere in the world, so long as we have an internet connection.

So that’s how we do it!

Sprinter Life’s #1 Sponsor

This is Tree’s business in Oregon. He started it in 1995 out of his garage. With the help of an amazing team of people, the business has grown into a vibrant company that provides a great life for all those involved. Tree runs the company from the Sprinter so we’re always chasing the Internet.



  1. Hi Stevie and Tree!

    I have spent the last couple of hours on your site reading various articles/blogs you’ve both written and you guys are simply amazing. Your writing is so eloquent, full of humor, and really inspiring. Just what I need right now.

    My boyfriend and I are also traveling from California to Argentina but on a quicker schedule and with a finite budget. We started in San Diego in December 2013 and are currently in Iquique, Chile. It’s looking like we’re going to head back home around January. We are starting to get to the end of our saving and I’m really starting to miss my family and friends.

    If our paths ever cross in Chile or Argentina during the next few months we would love to meet you guys. We are heading to the Atacama desert sometime this week after which we plan on crossing to Argentina and traveling down to Mendoza, then we’ll maybe cross back into Chile to Santiago (all very rough plans). Let us know if you’ll be around.

    All the best and happy travels! And thanks for all the inspiring and thought provoking articles!


    • Hi Linda,
      We’ll be in Mendoza until January 2nd. Will you arrive before then? Contact us when you arrive and we’ll drink fine wine. 🙂 TREE

  2. adventurefamilyinmotion says:

    Really enjoying reading your blog. Very inspirational lifestyle that we would like to explore ourselves.

  3. Hey guys, I have been spending some time looking over and reading your site. I love it. I am an aspiring artist in Seattle and my partner was recently laid off from Amazon. We have been spending a lot of time reflecting on our life and how we want to spend or time. We saw a sprinter van this weekend and thought, “wouldn’t that be nice…to travel around in our sprinter van, sell art and travel around. My partner, much like you, spent about three hours a day to a job, though financially nice, was spent with people she had nothing in common with and felt depressed and unfulfilled. I see may similarities in our lifestyles and desires. I feel that fear is what is keeping us from a big move. How did you get over that and just go for it? Totally jealous and inspired…Michelle

    • Hi Michelle. I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you. Somehow you’re comment got buried in the fray until now. Your question is probably THE BEST question to ask, because that’s really what it’s about more than anything, right? It’s about letting go of the fear more than about ‘how to’ do it. One of my favorite quotes of all time is by Toni Morrison from her book Song of Solomon. It goes, “Wanna fly? First you gotta give up the shit that weighs you down.” And fear, self-limiting beliefs, closets full of stuff, dark histories, shitty jobs, and toxic relationships all weigh us down. I’m actually writing an answer to your question as we speak in a full PDF format that I’m going to give away for free on the new website (, which, god help me, will be live sometime soon. For now, I’ll do my best to get the conversation started between us, because I’m not sure I can answer it in full in one comment 🙂

      To start, it helps to ask yourself what you and your partner really need to feel whole, happy, and fulfilled….Aside from some basic necessities, I bet you need intimacy and adventure much more than you need a nice apartment, nice cars, nice clothes, you get my drift. I bet you need intimacy and adventure in your life more than you even need comfort, security, luxury, or convenience. We don’t usually slow our pace on the hamster wheel long enough to realize this truth, and society doesn’t endorse it, because let’s face it, intimacy and adventure have little to do with fueling the economy and sustaining American life–but they have everything to do with fueling your soul. Once you’re solid on what you need on the inside, then you need to figure out what you need on the outside to make that happen. How do you REALLY want to live…what lifestyle will give you more intimacy and adventure? What needs to happen to make that happen (save money, find online revenue streams, cut expenses, buy a camper, or buy a rad backpack and a bus ticket…..again, you get the ideas). Anyhow, this is a long conversation that I love having. Stay in touch with me, please. I want to be the first person to congratulate you when you hit the road. And, believe me Michelle, YOU LADIES CAN DO THIS. The first step is believing that you can. After that comes some smart and prudent planning, and then a big plunge into the rad-ness of life on the road. For some inspiration, check out They’re a family that started their journey as ‘just a trip’ like us, but have also moved into living on the road as a lifestyle, and CREATING AND SELLING ART, like you two would like to do. There’s another guy called Earl from that makes a living by living on the road, and if you dig in his archives, he very clearly talks about HOW he’s made the transition from tourist to permanent nomad. Okay….stay in touch. I gotta go tend to my little one right now, but I’m excited to hear back from you. xo.

  4. Names Jamie im 23 i have traveled starting in wisconsin driving straight to key west then to cali and vegas and back to florida im currently in daytona beach and am so interested in getting a conversion can but where to start is my problem i just wanna up and go again just not enough funds kinda wanting to just hike it but it just seems so unreal. basically looking to explore new countries and learn different cultures as cheap as possible for 2 of us

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