Our Mission

Our Mission:
Our mission is to give back to the community and to mother nature, as we have learned that the whole world is our home. We also want to interact with our natural world along the way. We want to kayak and raft the world’s rivers, dive and surf in our oceans, hike the mountain trails, camp beside the waterfalls and sleep beneath the stars. Our mission is not just to see things but, rather, to see whom we become on our journey, to let ‘others’ press upon us, and change us in beautiful ways, to shape us into more compassionate, charitable, and aware human beings.
Our Dream:
Our dream is to drive around the world, to visit as many countries as possible, to interact with as many cool people as we can, to experience different cultures by living slowly, eating and drinking local foods and libations, appreciating the art from the streets to the museums, dancing to the regional music, and learning the history, beliefs, and needs of the community that we are within.
Our Hope:
Our hope is to take what we learn, how we live, and what we value, and pass them on to our beautiful daughter Soleil, who was born on the road in Lima, Peru.


  1. You two are such an awesome couple!! I just randomly came across your site because I am looking to convert a dodge sprinter into a camper. Your journey looks amazing and it will be cool to see where it takes you in the future.

    Your newest fan!


    • Thanks so much for commenting Joe!! Where do you plan on having your conversion done? Let us know if you have any questions along the way. Sending you our best from Peru! Looking forward to hearing from you again.

  2. hey guys!

    how wonderful to have stumbled upon your site (I was looking for sand surfing in Venezuela)!

    i have a thread of wanderlust running through my bones, although our life paths are different.
    we are presently living here in South America as well, and what vast opportunities to explore the natural world!

    Lima is a top option for my young family to visit this spring. due to our present circumstances, we are lacking contact with nature and miss this immensely! could you recommend a place or activity or itinerary that we could follow for a Peru visit? we love kid/family-friendly nature excursions, cultural immersions, and are totally up for staying in a local organic farm or an experience of the same sort. meeting folks like you along the way is a gift.

    looking forward to your reply :)


  3. Anonymous says:

    Greetings.. to one “off the charts” cool couple/family !!! ! I stumbled across your blog whilest reading a host of others. Yours is the most intriguing, fun-loving, HONEST story/mission. I drool with envy of your travels, the love you share, and how you’ve inspired so many others. Mostly, the ♥ you share !!! What a* F’n cool love story to boot. (*sorry, sometimes curse words are warranted!). I yearn for more of your hilarious postings, as you both have quite the gift of conveying your thoughts. ~ God Speed.

  4. Stacia Erckenbrack says:

    Wow! Thank You for sharing your story and mission. Your positive and beautiful attitude warmed me and brightened my day. My beloved father, who was a free spirit too, traveled and loved people from different places in the world. Your wonderful spirit reminds me of him. Stumbling across your site has motivated me to continue on my path with a renewed enthuisiasm and energy. THANK YOU and God Bless You and Yours!
    With Sincere and warm regards,

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