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My name is Tree:
Hi, I’m Tree, and my wife is making me write this silly bio. I was born and raised in what Stevie calls ‘the woods’. As a born and bred Oregonian, I have always loved the outdoors, testing my physical limits in nature through kayaking, rock climbing, surfing, snow boarding, and mountain biking. These days, however, I’ve broadened my interests to include sharing my love of nature with Stevie, and even learning to love some of her more philosophic, cultural, and community pursuits. We make a great team. Together, living our lifestyle, we get the most out of life.

My name is Stevie: 
Hi, I’m Stevie, and I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I have always had an insatiable hunger for life—the good, bad, beautiful and ugly—I love it all. I live for learning and love and have intensely dedicated myself to both. I’m fascinated by the sciences and mad about philosophy and literature. I’m a hedonist, to a fault, but these days my pleasures are pure—mostly just wine, food, and my scrumptious husband. Tree’s love is both the ballast that steadies my boat, and the wind that fills by sails. I love our gypsy life together. It affords me the freedom to express and expand my better attributes, while allowing the experience of ‘otherness’ to mold me into a more compassionate soul. Being alive is an exquisite gift, and I am very grateful to be spending my time on this planet nomadly in love.

My name is Soleil Mariah Trujillo:
I was born on October 9th, 2012. Right now I am putting on weight and stretching my wings in preparation for all the exciting adventures ahead. I picked my mama and daddy because they are nomads, and I like traveling the cosmic highway, catching rides on shooting stars and blazing comets! I’m looking forward to my time on earth and can’t wait to explore it in its entirety. Read more about my grand entrance into this world here…

My Birthday – October 9th, 2012… read more

About the day I was born… read more 


My name is Kiki:
I was born on the streets of East Los Angeles, California. I was running with my pack of wild dogs when the cops grabbed me and put me in a shelter. I LOVE Sprinter Life, but sometimes I wonder if I would have been better off had Mommy NOT rescued me. At the time I had no idea that I would be subjected to multi-day raft trips and expedition overland roads trips to South America where they really like to set off scary boom-booms (fireworks). I’m a committed pack member though, and I’m in it for the long haul. I just hope we make it to wherever we’re going… soon… and safely.

My name is Mongo:
I’m the newest member of the Sprinter Life pack and I am the protector. I will F#ck anyone up who messes with this pack. I was born on the streets of Huanchaco, Peru and grew up hustlin and fightin for scraps of food and hot lookin bootie. I never knew my parents and have always been a loner. But ever since I’ve been hanging out with Sprinter Life I’ve developed a pack allegiance. Now I’m eating great food, all my ailments are healed, and I’m gettin lots of snuggles! Do I miss the late night bar fights and sex on the beach? Sure, sometimes, but hey, life is pretty good with the Sprinter pack!

R.I.P. Mongo. 2009-2012.  – more info 



  1. Trisha Edgar says:

    Just found your site from liferemotely.com, my husband and I and our two 4 legged kids are leaving on our own adventure on January 30 2012 (my dad’s b-day), in our converted Ford Excursion. We will be taking as long as we can to get to Arusaia and then back to LA. I hope your travels go well and you are helping us stay inspired to make this happen. Thanks!

    • Hey Trisha. Hooray for you!! I’m so excited for you guys!! And I especially like your timeline “taking as long as we can.” That’s PERFECT. Hopefully our paths cross somewhere in South America. If you have any questions before you take off or along the way, please feel free to send us an email through our contact us page. Take care!

  2. You guys are living the dream ! I am so jealous. The more I learn about myself, the more I feel that this is the lifestyle for me. I am 30 years old and while all my friends are married with kids and have their shitty jobs that they settled for, I will be traveling around doing active things while flight instructing to get by. I just need to finish up a few things before I get the sprinter. If you have any recommendations about where to get a cheap decent sprinter, that would be great. Thanks ! you guys rock !

    • Hey Mike,
      There are a ton of used Sprinters in the Portland/Hood River area in Oregon. Hope you find a great deal and hit the road soon! Keep us posted!

  3. Hi guys!

    It’s absolutely great reading your adventures and the baby….wow. Yeah, I know how kids are, got twins of my own just a bit over an year older then your girl is. She sure hand picked her parents before coming here. take care guys!

  4. Just something I forgot about. It would be great if you could share a short story of your adventure on my website, just about here…http://www.camper-van-fun.com/worldwide-travel-destinations.html

    Actually you’ll have a whole web page to yourself and a link to your website.
    Keep smilin’!

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